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Kri kri ibex and mouflon hunting in Greece on Sapientza island

Where to hunt kri kri ibex

Kri kri ibex hunting and especially hunting in Greece is difficult task. For international hunters hunting big game in Greece is restricted. Wild boars and roe deer are the only alternative for local hunters besides kri kri ibex, which can only be hunted in carefully guarded special hunting territories such as certain islands. On two separate islands approximately 150 kilometres /Atalanty/ and 300 kilometres /Sapientza/ from Athens, we provide the chance to hunt this magnificent creature. The Kri Kri Ibex and mouflon can only be shot on special hunting areas from early morning until noon, in accordance with Greek law. Only shotguns are permitted, and only slugs may be used. You should book at least a year in advance for the licenses. This is to ensure that only serious hunters are allowed on these trips. The licenses are issued by the Greek Ministry of Nature and Agriculture and the government issues a certain number of licenses each year. The number is not fixed so it keeps fluctuating depending on the population of the animal. The Ibex’s horns are the longest of all wild goats (Capra Aegagrus). The Kri-Kri is the smallest ibex in terms of body weight, but not the length of its horns (Capra Aegagrus Cretica). A few specimens that went uncounted were as large as 115 cm. The gold trophy is 61 cm (24 inches) long. The Kri-Kri ibexes are hunted in Greece at present. Hunting is available on Atalanti and Sapientza as well as the mainland. An Ibex is hunted beginning on Atalanti in the last week of October and the first week of December. In Sapientza, hunting is permitted the entire month of November, depending on weather conditions. The mainland’s hunting season starts in September and ends in October or November.